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Tandem Skydive – Charity Skydiving 

Parachute Jumping – Learn to skydive.


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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving with JumpSchool Tandem Parachuting Tandem Skydive for charity

If your not sure you want to Learn to Skydive you can still feel what it’s like to be hurtling towards the ground at 120 MPH, Tandem Parachuting offers a quick and easy introduction to freefall skydiving using a dual harness Tandem  parachuting system.

  • Quick & easy, hassle free booking system.
  • Ideal gift.
  • Can be sponsored.
  • No maximum age for Tandem skydiving (over 40 years need signed form from G.P)
  • People with disabilities can  Tandem skydive.
  • Have your  Tandem skydive filmed
  • Only 20 minutes training.
  • Your tandem Skydiving instructor in control at all times.

Follow this link for more information on Tandem Skydiving

Learn to Skydive with the JumpSchool

Learn to Skydive by attending an Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF).AFF accelerated freefall skydiving course in Spain

  • Skydive from 12’000 feet from your first skydive.
  • Become a qualified skydiver in as little as 18 skydives.
  • Can be an intensive 1 week course, or set out over several weeks.
  • Some centres allow students to try AFF by doing level one only.
  • New skills taught on every skydive.
  • Skydive courses available throughout the UK or abroad.
  • Learn to skydive under the expert tuition of a Jumpschool Instructor.

If you know you want to take up sky diving, this is the quickest and most motivating method of learning to skydive ,follow this Link for more information on learning to skydive through the AFF method


Static Line exit skydiving for charity Tandem Skydiving

A static line parachute descent can be made after usually about 6 hours of ground training and involves the skydive student leaving the aircraft at 3500 feet.

  • Jump on your own from the very first skydive.
  • Can progress to a qualified skydiver.
  • Ideal gift.
  • Can be sponsored.
  • Parachute with your friends, groups of up to 12 on a course.
  • Ideal way of learning to skydive, on a budget.

Follow this link for more information on how to Learn to Skydive through the RAPS system