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JumpSchool was founded to provide expert tuition in the sport of Skydiving. Utilising the skills of the very best British Parachute Association Instructors both here in the UK and abroad.

JumpSchool run courses in Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and the Ram Air Progression System (Static Line), at Parachute centres nationwide and abroad.

We also organise  and take Tandem Skydives for people looking for that once in a lifetime experience, although many skydivers start out by doing a Tandem Skydive & then progress onto learning to skydive.

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Jerry Greeves founded JumpSchool and has over 4000 Skydives and over 30 Hours wind tunnel time. A British Parachute Association and United States parachute Association Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Category Systems Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Formation Skydiving Coach and Canopy Handling coach. Jerry served in the Royal Air Force as a Parachute Jumping Instructor teaching Military Freefall, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) to Elite troops, Special Air Service, Special Boat Service and the Parachute Regiments Famous Path Finder Platoon.


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After doing a Tandem skydive & falling in love with the sport Rachel Greeves then went on to complete an AFF course in 2009. Since this time Rachel has completed over 900 skydives. Currently a Formation Skydiving coach, Tandem camera flyer and took part in the 2013 British female formation, Brit Chicks record attempt. Rachel now deals with all the day to day running of Jumpschool.


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Jumpschool use many other highly experienced instructors including Nick Brownhill, as an ex Royal Engineer Sport Parachute team leader Nicks qualifications include British Parachute and United States Parachute Association Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Category system Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Formation Skydiving Coach and Canopy Handling coach. Nick brings vast experience and expertise with over 6000 jumps. Nick has been training over 300 soldiers a year in AFF and static line. Having left the Army after 24 years in the Royal Engineers he has seen service all over the world including Iraq, Bosnia, N. Ireland, Falklands, Kosovo, 2nd Gulf and Afghanistan.

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British Freefly Association

Paul Capsey has been jumping since 2006. He is part of Freefly team Euphoria (at time of writing the U.K’s number 1 Freefly team) where he alternates his role between Camera man & performer. to date the teams greatest achievement has been winning Bronze in the World Air Games in Dubai 2015.He is an AFF instructor, Freefly, Formation & Tracking coach & Cameraman, as well as being a wind tunnel coach.

His other projects include Working with Limbless Veterans from the charity B.L.E.S.M.A, where once a year Team Euphoria & Jumpschool get together to offer Skydiving to Ex service personnel, getting them through the AFF program and beyond. He has also set up the British Freefly Academy, focusing on new teams that need help getting them ready for competition by offering free coaching and advice.

Jumpschool only uses the very best BPA Instructors many of which are Ex or still serving members of the armed forces, Parachute Jumping Instructors & Display Team members, all of which are dedicated professionals who love their sport and enjoy teaching it.