Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) Skydive course

learn to skydive AFF

Learning to skydive through the Accelerated FreeFall Method (AFF) is a personalised intensive course to teach you all the skills to become a fully qualified skydiver in as few as 18 skydives !!

Some centres allow AFF level one only skydive courses.

After a day of ground school training you will make your first skydive with two AFF skydive instructors who will stay with you throughout the freefall phase of the skydive, ensuring you deploy safely so you can enjoy the thrill of your first parachute jump all the way back to the ground. Having instruction under canopy over 2 way radio.

Following this you will then have 2 further skydives with two qualified AFF skydive instructors, all the while teaching you how to fall stable, altitude awareness and that you can deploy your own canopy.
By level 4, you will just have one skydive instructor with you for the next four skydives, where you will progress with training on falling stable, turns, forward movement (tracking) & canopy control, all of which will be with one skydive instructor. Level 8,  you will undertake a low altitude skydive (5000ft) on your own. These 8 levels are what are including in an AFF skydiving course to learn to skydive.

After this you will need to complete 10 consolidation skydives on your own, where you will practise all the skills you have learned in your skydiving training. This will enable you to get your A license & therefore become a BPA qualified skydiver.

This can be arranged at a variety of UK centres. It can be either an intensive course or spread out over a period of weeks depending on your needs.

We also can arrange for you to complete this skydiving course abroad. We regulary deal with centres in Spain, Portugal or the USA. The main benefit of doing this abroad is of course the weather. As typically the weather is generally far more predictable therefore allowing you to complete the course in a short space of time. Taking advantage of this option also gives you the opportunity of having a fantasic holiday in the sun at the same time !  Please see our trips & events page or call us for more details if this option appeals to you.


  •  Full days ground training.
  •  8 levels Accelerated Freefall.
  •  New freefall skills taught on every skydive.
  •  Radio assistance under canopy through to landing.


  •  Become a fully qualified skydiver in as little as 18 skydives.
  •  Can be an intensive course over 1 week, or
  •  Set out over several weeks to suit you


  • Minimum age 16 years, under 18 years will need parental consent form.
  • GP signed consent required for any medical conditions.
  • Usual maximum weight is 15 stone for men, 13 stone for women. If you are over this weight, please contact us before booking.