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Payments are fully refundable if we are unable to secure a suitable location and date.

You also have the option of booking a Skydive, without knowing your preferred date. Simply choose your location & skydive type, pay the deposit or full amount and place your booking. This option works best when you are buying this as a gift, by choosing to request a gift voucher on the booking form, the person will then have up to 12 months in which to book their date & complete their skydive.

Accelerated Freefall skydiving courses costs between £1350 and £2000 depending on location, ring for details and we will discuss whats best for your needs. Travel, accommodation, Weather etc. are all factors that you need to take into account. Contact JumpSchool and we will guarantee the best possible deal.

Once the form has been submitted, Pay the deposit through our secure payment system . All courses require a £50.00 deposit with the exception of Accelerated Freefall (AFF) courses which are variable, depending on location.. Once completed we will contact you with your booking confirmation.