Frequently Asked Questions


Which jump do you recommend ?

A Tandem skydive is an excellent way to experience skydiving, without hours of training. We advise that, unless however you are looking to become a qualified skydiver, the Tandem is the most suitable course. If you get the bug for skydiving you could also consider an AFF course at a later date.


Is there an age restriction ?

The minimum age to do any skydive in the UK is 16. Under 18’s must have a parental consent form.

There is no upper age limit for the Tandem skydives.

There is an Upper age limit of 55 for solo courses.



Is there a weight restriction ?

Yes, weight limits apply to all courses. Tandem skydives have a standard weight limit of 15 stone/95kg. If you are over this weight limit please contact us for further information.

We use a height to weight ratio (body mass index) for solo courses.


Can I skydive if i’m disabled ?

Yes you can skydive if your disabled, whilst solo courses may not be suitable tandem skydiving has made it possible for many disabled people to experience the sport. However each person will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure that the safety of the jump is not compromised.


I wear spectacles/contact lenses, will this be a problem ?

No. Goggles are worn by all skydivers and these will keep your spectacles or contact lenses protected and firmly in place.


What if i’m affraid of heights ?

This is a very common question. Many people who have come along to skydive have believed they have a fear of heights.

We all have a natural awareness that heights can be dangerous, if you really had an intense fear of heights it is very unlikely you would be thinking of booking a skydive ! Unlike standing at the top of a cliff , or at the top of a ladder you will have no real comprehension of how high you are.


Can you breathe in freefall ?

Yes you can breath normally.


What is your refund policy ?

See our Cancellation and refund policy page


How much does it cost ?

Please see Prices page for full details.


How do I book ?

Book online

The most simple and secure way is to book online. All you have to do is complete the form giving your details and chosen jump site and date & pay the deposit. We will then send you the information about your training, arrival time, directions etc. Your deposit can be paid by debit or credit card.

We advise that you book as far in advance as possible. Ideally a  skydive should be booked a minimum of  2/4 weeks ahead, however there can sometimes be cancellations so it may be worth phoning , especially if you are not too worried on the location. We are able to take a booking months in advance.


By Post

If you prefer to pay by cheque simply print and complete the booking form and post to us at;

Jump School Ltd
1 Queens Close
OX18 3XF

Cheques should be made payable to ;  Jumpschool Ltd

Bank details available upon request.


By phone

This is advisable for large group bookings, or AFF Abroad courses. Please have the names, ages, heights and weights of all those jumping. The booking deposit can be paid by either debit or credit card.
The booking office can be contacted from Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm.
Telephone ; 07891 268167


Do you offer gift vouchers ?

Yes. Gift vouchers are available for each course and location. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers are non-refundable.
If you need to we can transfer the voucher to another name.
This would be subject to the usual age, weight and health restrictions.
The expiry date would remain the same.


Can i extend my gift voucher ?

Yes. There is a standard £50 fee to extend the voucher for 12 months. You would also need to pay any difference in the price since the voucher was purchased.
To extend a voucher simply call our office giving the voucher details



Where is my nearest centre ?

We deal with various centres all around the country. Please see Locations page to find your nearest centre. Directions will be included with your booking confirmation.



Will I need insurance ?

Temporary membership to the BPA (British Parachute Association) is included in the price of your jump. Anyone doing any type of skydive in the UK must have this membership. Third party insurance is covered by the BPA as part of the membership.

Full personal insurance cover is not compulsory but available



What if the weather is unsuitable ?

All aviation activity is dependant on suitable weather conditions. UK weather is notoriously difficult to predict.

Rain, heavy low cloud or high winds can all prevent skydiving. If you cannot complete your skydive due to weather conditions you will be able to arrange another date at no extra cost. You have up to 12 months from your original jump date in which to re-book.

We advise that you call the centre on the day before your skydive to check the local weather. The number will be shown on your booking confirmation.


What should I wear ?

This will depend on the time of year you are jumping. During the colder months it is advisable to wear several warm thin layers. In the summer you could wear shorts and t-shirt !

Lace up trainers or flat soled shoes are ideal.

You will be given a jumpsuit to wear over your clothing along with a helmet, googles and possibly gloves.


What time should I arrive ?

This will be advised on your booking confirmation.

We do work on a first come, first served basis so please arrive as close to your allocated time as possible. If you are the first person to arrive and book in you will be the first on the list to jump !


Can I bring spectators or pets ?

Yes, you can bring as many spectators as you wish to most centres. If your skydive is booked at a military centre then spectators then photo I.D would be required.

Children must be supervised at al times. No alcohol can be consumed until the centre has completed all parachuting for the day. Most centres have somewhere to get drinks and snacks and all have spectator areas.

All centres have a no pets policy due to airfield safety requirements.


What is the BPA ?

The British Parachuting Association (BPA) is the governing body for skydiving in the UK. All of our centres are BPA affiliated and safety and training regulations are strictly monitored.


How experienced are the instructors ?

All of our instructors have gained their qualifications though the BPA.

A RAPS Instructor must have a minimum of 200 jumps and 2 years as a qualified skydiver before applying for a place on the BPA instructors course.

A Tandem Instructor must have a minimum of 800 jumps and an AFF Instructor 1,000 jumps before being allowed to apply for the BPA course to gain their rating.


How safe is skydiving ?

Thousands of people skydive in the UK every year. Skydiving is an adventure sport and as a result there are risks attached. However, compared to other adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing etc. skydiving has far less injuries.

Safety procedures are strictly monitored by Instructors and the BPA.


What happens if my parachute doesn’t open ?

All skydivers carry both a main and a reserve parachute. If the main parachute fails to open the reserve would be used. If you are a tandem student this would be done by your instructor. If you are a RAPS of AFF student your course covers training on how to operate the reserve parachute.

In addition to this there is a devise known as Automatic Activation Device (AAD), which would open your reserve parachute if you were unable to do so.


Can i have my skydive filmed ?

Yes it is possible. Each centre has its own camera team and prices vary accordingly.


When are you open ?

Most of our centres are open every weekend from early February to mid December.

Some also open on various mid week days.


Anything else you need to know ?

Please feels feel to contact us with any question or query and we will be happy to help.