Static Line (RAPS) Parachute Course

Jumping from a height of 3,500 feet your parachute will automatically be deployed for you by a static line parachute system. Then you can enjoy the thrill of the ride all the way back to the ground. All throughout you will receive instruction from the ground via radio to ensure safe return.

Ram Air Progression System (RAPS) is a method of teaching the basics of the sport by introducing them first to the canopy flight, then progressing them on to freefall over a number of skydives (min 18), before the student become a licensed solo skydiver.
static line parachute skydive


  • Skydive on your own from first skydive.
  • Ideal gift.
  • Can be sponsored so you jump for ‘FREE’.
  • Ideal way to experience skydiving on a budget.


  • Full days ground training.
  • 1 x skydive from 3,500 feet.
  • Full radio assistance.



  • Minimum age 16 years, under 18 years with parental consent
  • A GP signature is required for any medical conditions.
  • Usual maximum weight is 15 stone for men, 13 stone for women. If you are over this weight, please contact us before booking.